• Social Responsibility


    Talent Protection Program,
    Donate and offer help to local poor college students every year

    Students who studied hard and obtain excellent result,but due to money issue,they are unable to continue their studies.After knowing the details, Full Pet decides to give a hand for some or all the students to finish their studies,and on the same time, they will have the opportunity to Join Full Pet.

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    Disaster Relief Program,
    We do our best to help out when there is a request

    All people in Full Pet give all their very best to help out the people out there, when there is any demand, inorder to help these people to get back their life.

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    Stray Animal Protection Program,
    Donate to protect stray animals

    All life shoule be treated well and with respect.Full Pet get into cooperate with welfare organizations, to launch a Stray Animal Protection Program,advocated the adoption of adoption instead of purchase, and at the same time provided a warm new home for the homeless animals.

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    Stray Animal Protection Fund Registeration

    Request from the Animal Rescue Station can be sent to Full Pet, and we will do our best to fulfil the request.

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